Friday, February 22, 2013

Send Files Up to 1 Terabyte for Free with SoShare

Soshare s a public beta that evolved out of a simple need. As coders, designers, content creators, and film makers we have to deliver large files on a daily basis.  And still: there’s no media delivery service for people who work in media. You can’t fit everything into an attachment. Syncing services have caps. Delivery services have limits. Not SoShare.  This service is still in Beta, I have not had change to try it yet but will check it out .

This is from their blog.

We’d like to share something with you.

We call it SoShare. It’s a simple, free file delivery service. And it’s a beautiful way to move big ideas around the web.
With SoShare, you can send files of any size. You can collaborate on media projects with friends and co-workers. Ideas are free. And so is SoShare. There are no caps or size limits on creativity.
Want to see how it works? Sign up. It’s free. We’ll be our home base for the stuff we share: stories, release notes, and product updates. Stay tuned.
—The SoShare Team

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