Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Multi Track Field Recorder, 6 channels and stereo track

We often record multi tracks in the field for film or live music performance. One of my favorite recorders right now is the Tascam DR680. Great price at about $690 dollars.

What I like about this tool is that I can mix levels right on the unit without having a mixer on the job. I also am impressed with the signal to noise ratio, with mic pre’s set right you can get a real clean recording. 
I use a 32 gig flash card and never have had to change it out durning a recording.  It will record 6 tracks,a stereo track,  and up to 24k / 96 kHz.  Six of the inputs have phantom power.  The phantom power is in pairs which can be a bummer sometimes.  You can run it on batteries or AC.  It will eat up batteries if your running full on with phantom power on every channel.

There are plenty of spec’s you can look up, but what you really want is to talk to someone who has used it. To really see how the unit performs,  you need to put it to the test on different recording jobs and bring the tracks back into the studio control room to really listen critically.  

I have, and will give this the Binary Studio seal of approval, we have used it on many situations and will be using it in the future.  For the price I think its pretty cool.

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