Monday, February 4, 2013

Crowd funding for your project, which platform?

Film makers and musician are using crowdfunding as a way to get their project funded.  There are a couple main crowdfunding platforms used.

Kickstarter says it was founded in 2009, and IndieGoGo says it was founded in 2008. Both have basically the same concept, so how did Kickstarter manage to gain more traction and brand awareness? Usually it's always the first to market with a new idea that succeeds, but in this case it was not. 

Kickstarter IP is owned by Amazon, and it looks like Indigogo might be owned by Craigslist.

Kickstarter takes 5 percent if the goal is reached and no money released if the goal is not reached.

Indigogo takes a 9 percent cut and you get the money whether or not you reach your goal.  If the goal is reach they only take 4 percent cut.

Here is a article about the co founder of Indiegogo.

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