Monday, April 22, 2013

Sell your music online.

We record and produce many indie music groups and here is a question that often comes up "what is the best service to use to sell our music online?"  
There are many services that provide a platform for selling your music and I would check them all out.  I have seen a trend with one service that many musicians have been using called CD Baby.  It is a real easy service to sign up for and the largest online distributor of indie music. Once you are a member you have access to Creating a music website they host

CD Baby is the largest online distributor of independent music. It began as a garage startup in 1997 and has grown to serve more than 2.2 million customers worldwide. Artists get paid within a week of making a sale, and until now more than $160 million was paid directly to the artists.
As a member, you can sell your CDs and MP3s in the world’s most popular music stores, both online and offline. CD Baby makes your music available on iTunes, Amazon MP3,, Facebook, Spotify, and dozens of the most popular music sites. It also lets you sell your CDs worldwide and make them available for special order sale in over 2,500 brick-and-mortar retail stores. You can even sell vinyl on

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