Friday, January 18, 2013

The storyboard might be more important then the script.

The storyboard pitch.
Over the last year of two I have noticed that many of my clients really don’t read the synopsis or script for their project I propose.  They will tell you that they did, then often they are surprised with the content as the progress moves along.

I have found that one of the reasons that this happens is that they really don’t not know how to read a script with visualization of the scene.

This is no fault of the client, often it is a learning process that even for myself takes experiences.

This is where the storyboard becomes as important as the script in pitching the project to you client.  Using a storyboard as your main tool to pitch your concept to the client creates better communication  and helps the organization in production.  This in the long run saves money for everyone.

I would suggest that the storyboard pitch you present to the client not be to detail.  This is the idea stage, then develop your storyboard for production.

Best of luck!

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