Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gumroad a platform to sell your creative content

Gumroad is providing a social based platform for selling your creative content directly to your audience.
One newcomer to the scene, Gumroad, boils the process down to a few simple steps. CEO Sahil Lavingia — a former designer at Pinterest and builder of‘s iPhone app — just raised a cool $7 million with the pitch that his startup will “democratize the ability to sell stuff online.”
Here’s how it works: Authors choose one of their digital products — a Wordpress theme, Photoshop file, or e-book — and attach a price, accompanying image, and promotional copy. Gumroad then creates a unique webpage and the budding designtrepreneur shares the address with fans via Twitter, Facebook, or any other channel where they have a following. There is no central Gumroad website to browse like Amazon; the service was designed explicitly to connect creators and fans via social media.

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