Thursday, January 31, 2013

Should I use temp music in my film for the composer?

Temp music, (which is some temporary music that represent your musical idea's used to communicate to composer) can be a wonderful tool in creating a roadmap that will allow you to communicate your musical vision with your composer.  This roadmap can easily convey the emotion and direction of a scene as well as the overall feel of your film. 

Where filmmakers often get into trouble is that they develop a case of loving their temp track.  Sometimes its hard to let go of a piece of music you’ve lived with for a long time.  As you create your temp score, be mindful of the fact that at some point you will need to let go of it.

Some composer's do not like having the temp track as a sample. They would rather get description, adjective's to explain what you hear in each section of the film ( fast moving to slow dark movement etc ....)

Trust your composer and let them do what they do best, you hired them for their creativity. Allow room for something new and fresh to be created. This is how the scores are born that we ultimately enjoy. Allow your score to become as unique and let the composer bring in some new idea’s.

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